Intentional Parent

Hopefully I credit this correctly.  The following is taken from Nine Habits of an Intentional Parent

by Dr. Randy Carlson

1. I will not do for my child what he needs to do for himself—when I do, I disrespect him.

2. I will not overreact—when I do, my child has won.

3. I will not rescue my child from life lessons he needs to learn—when I do, I weaken him.

4. I will not treat my teenager like a child—when I do, I create resentment.

5. I will not be dissuaded from doing right, despite anger, tears, cursing or threats—when I do, I am an irresponsible parent.

  • I will use my Heart—when they are hurting, confused, searching or frustrated.
  • I will use my Head—when they have questions, need guidance or want answers.
  • I will use my Hand (take action)—when they are disrespectful, disobedient or lazy.

6. I will pick my parenting battles carefully—because it’s more important to be the right parent than to be right.

7. I will give lots of encouragement—because it will help my child to succeed.

8. I will provide training, instruction and support as needed—because that’s my job.

9. I will pray daily for my children—because my children belong to God

Here is a Parents Prayer Calendar.  Follow the date during the month combing some days when you don't have 31 total.