January Goal Progress

To meet our family goal of eating from the pantry, fridge and freezers for January, I first had to inventory EVERYTHING! (Click here to see my Inventory) Wow!  That's a lot of food!  So far I've come up with 8 breakfast meals and 26 lunch/dinner meals.  I combined lunch/dinner because the meal will be dinner first and the leftovers for lunch the next day.  So yesterday we had meal #6 Black eyed peas with rice!  Yummy!  And my youngest son took the left over for lunch today. Yeah!

Tonight's meal will be #13 Spaghetti - spinach basil garlic linguine with roasted garlic pasta sauce (the one in the fridge), adding either fresh veggies or frozen veggies to pump up the health factor, and some warm crescent rolls to help scoop it up.0103131748

And while I'm cooking today I'll make tomorrow's dinner #9 Bean Taco Soup - (cans) black bean, pinto beans, corn, northern beans, taco seasoning, diced tomatoes, pepper, and strips of corn tortillas.


And I may even get a head start on a meal for next...#10 -navy beans with cornbread.  I'll do the pinto beans over night in the crockpot with onions and garlic.  Sure is nice to have a few days off and get a head of the game!

A trip to the farmers market today to score some fresh fruit and veggies will help us add a garden salad at the START of every meal.  Intentional Health!