Be Intentional - Time Out

Oops...I really wanted to blog every day but I guess I'm going to revamp that goal for once or twice a week.  Took a break the last few days because EVERYONE got sick. K started on New Years day with 102.6, cough, congestion, aches, chills...hmmm could it be a bit of the flu?  And I've always taught my kids to Mom (me) got it next.  Thankfully, I only got the sore throat, cough, and congestion.  K never made it to school last week but she did make it today.  However, J made it last week but NOT today as it was his turn to share!  I think he has the least symptoms with a slight fever, cough, and mild congestion.  Still no basketball for him this week. On the family front, we did sit down to dinner together seven out of the last nine nights with devotions on two of those nights.  Need to work on the devotion part.  All meals have been made at home with minimal items bought from the store; however, we did order pizza on Saturday as I was in too much pain to cook.  I have either pulled a muscle or bruised/broken a rib because just under my left rib cage hurts horribly when doing anything. (Including coughing, sneezing, etc. )

Faith: we do need to work on those family devotions but I have been reading my bible every day.  I have "The 2013 Confident Mom Weekly Household Planner" and each day has a few chapters to read so that you make it through the entire bible in one year.  This is a goal for me this year.  I've tried before and never stuck with it.

Friends:  we are coming up with ideas for us to do together that get not just us but our families together also.  Hopefully, with everyone's schedule we can make plans for an event in the next month or so.. hey, there's always SuperBowl Sunday!

Trying to slow down, and really think about what I do and say each day to every person, not just my kids or family, but my co-workers and strangers too.  I want to not just say I'm a Christian, I want someone to look at me and how I interact with others and say wow, there's something different about her.  And know that it is my focus on Christ that is the difference.  I've always said I'm a Christian and if you look at my house with all the crosses you might agree...unless of course you heard me in rush hour traffic!  That's a different story.  But those are the ones I want to work on.  Instead of screaming or cursing at the person who just cut me off and then slammed on their brakes in the middle of the freeway, maybe I could take those few seconds and say a prayer asking that God get them to their destination safely without harm to themselves or others.  Its about looking at the small details that we take for granted or assume "everyone does it" that I want to try and change in myself this year.  I want it to become a habit to always find a silver lining, to find something in every situation in which to give thanks, to be positive, to ALWAYS go to GOD first in prayer.

Gotta run and have a few minutes of quiet to myself.

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