Oops....I forgot

Sorry, I haven't posted in a while...life is well, busy! And trying to be intentional about each part of your life takes time before it becomes habit. Kristi (my fellow blogger...um where's your post?) and I have made an effort to get together as often as we can, text and email weekly, and basically just keep in touch much more than we did before. My family and I had a great weekend...we celebrated my mom's 71st birthday at my house with sloppy joes and banana pudding. It was wonderful to be at home to enjoy our visit with my parents, brother and sisterinlaw. so much nicer than trying to hear each other across the table at a loud restaurant! We also had a nice time with my inlaws, finally celebrating my FIL birthday this weekend with wonderful homemade soup and bread. Also nice to be at a home visiting and talking with each other.

I will say I need some definite divine intervention and help in parenting! I really need help getting my kids to do their work timely and turn it in! Its very frustrating to come up on a progress report time and get notice that nothing has been turned in. Does anyone else have the problem? Between that and keeping bedrooms clean and organized I feel like I'm losing the battle. Any advice?

I'm seriously considering taking a short leave of absence or time off from work in order to help get my family back on track (and my house too). Since Kyle passed we have continuted on; however, I realize that its just coasting and going from activity to activity without really "living" the moment. That's part of my reason for making "intentional" my word for 2013. I remember when my husband passed away in 2001, even though I had the kids, I really coasted through life, not paying attention to anything, just surviving from day to day. I don't want to do that again. i don't want to miss my surviving kids lives by just going through the motions. I want to be able to feel again. And when I say feel I mean something besides grief, loss, hurt, and heartbreak. its very hard to try and grieve and go through the process when you have to "stay strong" for your kids and family because that's your role - I am the strong one! Take a hit and keep on going. I'm thinking maybe with some time off from work, I could concentrate on myself and the kids' maybe move myself though some of the grief. Any thoughts or suggestions from anyone?