Update and February Goal

I cannot believe its the middle of February!!! I'm already saying "where did this year go".  I'm really trying to drive the speed limit in this life now instead of driving so fast everything in life is a blurrrrrrr.  LOL. January Goals Update: 1) eat dinner as a family 4x a week with devotions - definitely need to work on this one more.  We ate together more but not at the level I want and not with devotions.  I'll call this a work in progress.  2) lose weight - we are trying. I lose and then gain it right back.  3) exercise - definitely need improvement!  Co-worker and I are trying to walk 2 to 3 times a week on break time.  Also a work in progress. 4) cook meals at home.  As previously stated this is 50/50.  We had a week or so were we were eating out again all the time and then we reeled it back in and are cooking more.  My daughter especially has been helping cook dinner.  So we are progressing well on this one.

February Goal: In addition to continue progress on the above, we added: "Clean, sort, and organize bedrooms and closets; using the keep, donate, toss method."  So far, all three bedrooms have been cleaned up, meaning trash, clothes, etc have been put in their proper places.  Now to open the closets and start sorting through clothes, books, toys, etc. We may just have a garage sale in March as a goal :).

Overall I think we did fairly well with keeping with our goals and being intentional with our family and friends.  For my mom's birthday we got together and had dinner in - much fun!  The kids and I went to see Kristi's son play basketball.  Myself, the kids, a friend, and Kristi's son are all going to see the Tigers play basketball at the state tournament today and then over to K's for dinner.  In the past, I probably wouldn't have done this since my kids aren't playing (ineligibility which is a whole different post!) and we wouldn't have made the time to eat with friends citing being tired and to much to do.  Well, I am tired and I have a lot to do but that can all wait.  Because as we need to all learn, life is short and can change in the blink of an eye!  So take the time to play with family and friends and kids; and don't always worry if the wash gets done or not. Here is a list of ideas for "Family Dates".


In being intentional for our health which starts with our eating.  I joined an organic co-op for free and finally bought my first half-share this week.  Look at all this yummy, good looking, organic, mostly local produce!

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I've already eaten, well juiced really, one head of romaine, a cucumber, a zucchini, couple of apples, some kale, and some swiss chard.  Tomorrow I'm making a gorgeous green salad out of this and a fruit & spinach smoothie for breakfast!  yum!

Be intentional!