Hmm...what can I say...Sorry

Obviously me blogging is a work in progress, just like me getting healthy!  So here's an update on what's been going on and where I'm headed! February rolled along and seemed way to short (oh is).  Our goal was cleaning up bedrooms and organizing them - FAIL!  Even for mine.  This is definitely a ongoing project, might be done by Christmas.

March goal was to clean out, organize, toss, donate, garage sale the various items that make their way to my formal living and dining areas!  I want to make them functional rooms instead of storage.   Did start, made some progress in the formal living area and have quite a few things for the garage sale this month.  I have two weeks till the sale to finish the dining area.  So I'd call this a mini success (I started!) and gave the project an extension!

March was a great month in that March 31 was EASTER!  The day God saved us all my having His Son Jesus die on the cross!  Amazing that we have a Father who loves us that much!  Easter was celebrated at my house with family and AWESOME food.  Unfortunately I don't have pictures :(.  But I do have the recipe for the ham (taken from pinterest):

For a 4 to 5 pound fully cooked, spiral cut ham:

1 cup cider

1/4 cup brown sugar

1/4 cup coarse ground or stone ground mustard (has the seeds in it

1/4 cup honey

Preheat oven to 350F. Mix together sauce ingredients till well incoporated.  Coat the ham generously with sauce.  Bake in oven for 60 to 70 minutes, basting with sauce every 15.  YUMMY!

We also had a great lemon pasta salad, strawberry spinach bacon salad, fruit salad, deviled eggs, carrot cake, strawberry icebox cake, apple pie, and cookies.  Kudos to my daughter K for making the desserts.  She did an awesome job.

April Goals:  April is the month to catch up and finish what we started so I'm combing the previous goals: eating from pantry, clean/organize bedrooms, & clean/organize formal rooms to functional.  As I said, its all a work in progress!