2013 Update: I cannot believe that 2013 flew by; however, I can believe that I totally forgot about the blog and let it go to the wayside.  Its a new year, so a new resolution to post at least once a month.

Last January I chose the word "intentional" for my word of year.  I think it fit well and we did a good job of being intentional in our relationships with each other, our family, and our closest friends (hey, that would be family too).  My family was also intentional in our decisions for my kids education, environment, and future.   In looking at education and wanting to give the kids a much needed environmental change, I decided to list my house and move.   Where to move?  That was a consistent prayer and, as always, I asked Jesus for the blinking neon sign!  Pearland, TX!  Great school system, lots of opportunities, new environment but still have family (the in-laws) close by.  Flashing neon sign:  my house sold in under 36 hours and the new came in under my budget!  Thank you Jesus!

It has been an absolute wonderful decision.  We love our new home, the kids love their new school, and we've built a better relationship with my in-laws (it was never bad, but its just better or maybe I should say closer now).  I miss seeing my parents every day, but mom has learned to email and we talk quite a bit.  So all in all, it was a great move and we are loving life out here.

2014 Goals

My word for 2014 is "healing".  Healing for my kids and I with the loss of Kyle as we are still grieving and feeling effects, healing for my health as I have hit a true wall of exhaustion, healing in my relationships with my kids as I don't always take the time to focus on them due to exhaustion, and just hoping for a feeling of balance to come into our lives this year.

Goal 1:  Have all boxes sorted out, gone through, tossed, put up, etc. BEFORE November - seems like a long time but I've been in the new house since July and very little has been unpacked, of course, to me that means I don't really need it all!

Goal 2:  Month by month, work on various rooms getting them all in order, organized, decorated, etc so it functions efficiently for my family.

Those are my major goals for the year.  I'll get back to you later on the month to month ones.

What is your word for 2014?  What do you want to grow or learn this year?

Love ya,