Crafts and stuff

Its May 8th, and I'm six weeks into my journey of being a stay at home mom or "Domestic Engineer"!  And I have yet to find that basic routine for myself.  I've decided to give myself a break as I've been working constantly and running myself ragged so I think I deserve a little time to rest.  And seriously, in four more weeks my routine will change again as the kids will be out of school - YEAH SUMMER!!! April didn't bring a lot of productivity but I did manage a few crafts for Easter.

Spring / Easter Wreath for my mom - all items from Dollar Tree.0419142202a

Supplies Needed:  pool noodle, twine, flowers, decorative item, glue gun and lots of patience :)

Instructions:  Bend pool noodle to a circle and tape connecting ends with packing tape or duck tape (multiple times around so it holds). Glue the end of twine to the pool noodle and wrap around noodle.  Every inch or so I would push the twin towards the beginning section in order to make it as tight as possible.  Continue till wreath is completely covered and glue the end to the wreath.  Glue your decorative item to the wreath, and the glue the flowers to the wreath.  Use  a piece of twine as the the hanger.  Easy, and inexpensive.

Picture Frames for the women in my family at Easter: 0419142201

Supplies Needed:  Wooden picture frame from Michael's, Hobby Lobby, craft store, paint, stickers (flat and 3d)

Instructions: Paint two coats on the frame in color of your choice (let dry between coats), add stickers as emblishments, and insert either photo or picture of your choice.  I did an Easter Theme.


And then, I had a creative bent and did a little mixed media - canvas, paint, cross, and crochet yarn.  My mom liked it so she kept it.  I think it turned out well for a first time try.


May's goal is to continue with my crafts and projects plus try a full day of freezer cooking using Once a Month Mom menus.  Wish me luck.