Summer 2014 - Week Two

Sunday was Father's Day and we had a great time with family, food, and fun!! This weeks goals:

Household:  Continue purging and organizing master bedroom - about 40% done and it looks better already.  Still, what to do with all the magazines! Some I've pulled out articles and recycled the rest of the mag; but the cooking mags - I just can't seem to make myself throw them out.  Anyone know of a school or program that could use them?

Family: Still need to bake with the kids - maybe the muffins tomorrow the J wants.  Plus I'm thinking this might be a good week for a beach stroll.

Last week:  We had a blast at the Astro's game!  And they won too!!!  I don't get them often but on occasion I'm given Diamond Club tickets from a friend  - THANK YOU!  Love the atmosphere and the close seats so I can see all the action.  The kids and I plus my SIL had a great time.

As I've said before this blog is new and a major work in progress, so bear with me as I just catalog our journey in daily simple intentional life!