Take Action...first steps

Now that I have declared to myself what I want to do for 2016 and believe I am following the path Christ is leading me too, what are my first steps?  And thank  you to those who asked what actions I am taking. Thank you for keeping me accountable. To me, your relationship building with God is the first step in all of my life.  To continue to build this and bring it closer I need to spend time with God in His word, in prayer, in closeness with other believers.  I like spending time in devotion and reading the bible in the mornings - seems like my day just goes smoother, easier, more positive when I get that "hit" in the mornings.  The action goal is to wake up before the kids (so school days that about 5 am - holidays maybe 7 or 8).  I'm really enjoying using the Proverbs31 app called First 5.  Its a short verse and devotion with reflection that takes you about 5 minutes to go through.  Giving God your first 5 minutes of the day is awesome.  http://first5.org/  The reading I'm doing is part of what my church family does - Moravian Daily Texts.  A reading plan that you can get via email (click here to sign up).  My Oikos Church family meets Monday thru Thursday at Starbucks at 8:15 am to read and discuss these daily readings.  My action goal is to join either in person or via Zoom one day a week.

Blogging:  My action goal is to blog on a weekly basis and I am committing Thursday mornings to this.  Yes my post yesterday was a Wednesday and today actually makes two posts but that's okay.  A definite consistent post on Thursdays, with additional posts as I feel led.  I will also be posting to my Instagram account twice a week:  SimpleFamilyGoodness

Being Fit:  I am committing to transitioning to a Whole Foods Plant Based No Oil way of eating.  Not a diet, because this is a lifestyle plan.  I realize that my body feels better when I reduce or even eliminate as much animal product as I can  - no beef, chicken, pork, seafood...even cheese and eggs and dairy.  My body feels better fueled by potatoes, rice and other grains along with vegetables, legumes, and a little fruit.  My action goal for January is to be more conscious and aware of what I am eating and intentionally make the changes to my habits.  I am also committing to 10,000 steps a day from a combination of walking and rebounding.  I love my Bellicon!

Faith in my ability to pursue my direct sales business - well that comes with me affirming daily to myself that "I am a wellness advocate and a natural health educator with an emphasis on essential oils".  My issue this last year has been not seeing this as my job or business or passion but as a hobby, something I might or might not do.  So the action goal is to change my mindset with the above affirmation, carve out 10-15 hours a week to work the business including teaching classes via FB, open houses, and through contacts who are open.

One day at a time, one moment at a time, one prayer at a time.