Family...and January Goal Progress

Keeping up with everyone's schedules is hard work, and making time do to fun stuff with family instead of always chores and cleaning is even tougher. So the goal for 2013, is to be more intentional and MAKING the time for family fun. One of Kailey's Christmas gifts was a 2 hour drawing class with an artist friend from our church family. She had a blast on Saturday and did a wonderful drawing. I think she picked up so good tips. On the way home, we picked up my mom (Dad was already at my house with Justin), dinner, and spent a few hours playing chickenfoot and enjoying each others company. This is one thing we have to do more often.

This next week is really going to challenge my family with our goal of eating from the pantry. We've had three dinners out: two we paid for and one we didn't; two that were more for convenience and one that was part of being with others. So I think we aren't doing to bad. However, this week, is a constant on the go....there is an event every night that will keep us out late so dinner has to be quick and easy. I'm thinking burgers from the freezer, soup since its cold outside, and maybe something from the crockpot. Leftovers the rest of the time and we just might make it. If we do eat out I'm using gift cards out of the pile I went through this weekend: subway, sonic, or mcd's.