Take Action

That's it...I am done sitting on the sidelines thinking about what I want to do and yet never making a move to do so!  Over 18 months ago, I left a secure, steady, financially stable job to come home to my kids and regroup.  To heal.  To lean on God.  To trust. To learn to love with a very broken heart. I've learned that my identity was not always in Christ but was...or is...wrapped in what I do - what my JOB is...why? because I felt accomplished at work with people depending on me and because I was GOOD at it.  I've lost that and lost myself along the way a little.  Yet I've also discovered myself and my family - those with "blood" ties and those with "faith" ties.  I've learned to step out of my comfort zone (one small step at a time) and discover a world that is just waiting for me.

Waiting for me...to walk on a mission with Christ and family together. One that might not always be comfortable because being transparent can make you itchy. :)  Waiting for me...to acknowledge that I do trust God in EVERYTHING! Asking Him for direction every day, every decision, every moment, good, bad, ugly, or otherwise.  Waiting or me...to say, out loud, what my dreams, desires, wishes are.  To align those with Christ's plans for me.  To take action on those plan's instead of shoving them to the side or behind because they scare me or push me out of the box...out of my tidy little comfort zone.  Yes to step out on FAITH.

My word or phrase for 2016 is definitely TAKE ACTION...quit making excuses, quit saying I have to organize first (yes I know you need to plan some but for me its been an excuse because I never get past the planning or dreaming stage).  What do I want?

  1.  I want to blog. Weekly.  More as God leads me.  I don't usually see myself with something to say that others would read, but that's really not the point.  I believe God has put this on my heart and I believe its to help me express myself and hold myself accountable, not necessarily to entertain others.  That makes the challenge more doable.  I don't have to make myself sound interesting if I'm only writing to myself and expressing my thoughts.
  2. I want to have FAITH in my ability to build/expand a direct sales business.  I want to acknowledge that I am worthy, knowledgeable, and have the ability to share that knowledge with others.  I want to LEAP over the fear that someone will reject me, what I'm sharing, or just plain think I'm kooky.  I want to confidently share with others what I know works for me and share that passion that good health, NATURAL health is where your healing begins.
  3. I want to be fit...yes I'm sure lots of people want this and most of us have some type of health/fitness resolution this time each year.  Eyes are rolling I can tell.  I want to lose weight, become more consistent with exercise, and gain strength/endurance.  Most importantly, I want to take care of GODS TEMPLE the way He directs us too.  I have neglected it or worse, flip flopped constantly between "good" and "bad" eating/exerscise.
  4. I want to continue to strengthen and build a most intimate relationship with my Savior, Jesus Christ.  Working on this want/need/desire, is the only way to accomplish the others.  My daily focus is on Christ, putting Him first in every aspect of my life (sounds so simple but oh so not with the temptations and pushings of this world).  Oh Lord, help me here.

So I say to myself, hit the floor child and strengthen those knees in the only way that works:  start praying, start filling yourself with God's word - daily, consistently, find a mentor, find an accountability partner, and TAKE ACTION! (TODAY)